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Sanctuaries - A book of religious fantasy


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Posted by Judy Git on August 15, 2010 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (4)

My new book is entitled Sanctuaries.  It envisions a world where, if you know where to find them, there are places where the boundary between the mundane and the Divine is just a little bit thinner, where a little bit of Heaven leaks into our world.  Do such places really exist?


If someone were to discover that Sanctuaries, exactly as I have described them in my book, with the increasingly paranormal phenomena that accompany the higher level Sanctuaries, really exist, there would be no one more dumbfounded than me.  Does that mean that nowhere in this world are there places which serve as balms to the soul, where one can find peace and contentment - even healing?  By no means.  Those kinds of sanctuaries (no capital) do exist.  I've been there.


It was not by accident that I chose to locate one of the Sanctuaries in Yosemite National Park, because, you see, for me, at least, there existed such a sanctuary in that location.


In 1981 my husband, myself and the only one of our daughters who was born then along with some friends and their (then) two children went on a road trip to Yosemite.  At the time we were living in San Diego, which was considerably cleaner, particularly the air, than Los Angeles where our friends lived.  Nonetheless, I had been suffering from allergy-like symptoms for an extended period of time.  When our overloaded station wagon rolled into Yosemite, my symptoms - as if by magic - disappeared.  There was beauty there, and peace and contentment, for all that we got a rather more detailed orientation on the habits of the bears in the park than would ordinarily have allowed me to remain comfortable.  Like Sheva and her family in the book, we stayed in something called tent cabins, and like Sheva describes it, "The scenery was breathtaking, the air was crisp and so crystal clear you could almost taste it."


In the final analysis, we may not be able to visit places where paranormal phenomena take place, but we can always thank G-d for His" miracles that are with us every day" (as in the Modim prayer in Jewish liturgy), and certainly one of those miracles is our ability to feel just a little bit closer to the Divine in some places in this world.  But it is up to us to find those places and more importantly, to tap into that capacity, for real sanctuaries reside mostly within our own souls.