Where Heaven Touches the Earth

Sanctuaries - A book of religious fantasy


Sanctuaries is a book of religious fantasy.  It does not feature elves, dragons, sorcerers and the like.  Rather it features prophets and other biblical persona and deals with concepts like reincarnation, spiritual purification, and above all, Sanctuaries (capital S), places in the world where the boundary between the mundane and the Divine has thinned, where a little bit of Heaven leaks into our world.

Sanctuaries is also a love story that takes place in the present but echoes back down a corridor of time centuries long encompassing thirty-two incarnations.  Twenty-seven incarnations in the past a great sin was committed, one for which a price has been paid over twenty-seven incarnations and into the present.  This is the story of how two souls, matched in Heaven, finally free themselves of that sin, how they discover and learn about the Sanctuaries, how they purify themselves in those places and ultimately, help set the world on a path towards ultimate purification from evil and all that it entails.

Other works

In addition to "Sanctuaries" I have written two books for children.

  1. The Neanderthal in the Basement - for children 8 - 12 years old.  Josh, age 13 is a genius, but he has no practical smarts.  He can build a time machine and snatch a 12 year old Neanderthal boy into the present, but has no idea what he's going to do with him or how he's going to explain him.  That becomes the job of his eleven year old sister, Mandy.  Smart and feisty, Mandy narrates half of the book in alternating segments with the impressions of Grek, the Neanderthal boy.
  2. Gabe and Shmulik - (Jewish content) for 7 - 10 year olds.  Gabe's family is reform, a liberal denomination of Judaism.  They move across country and onto a street where an ultra-orthodox Jewish family lives, Shmulik's family.  The children become fast friends, but the parents on both sides are concerned that their children might be influenced away from their form of observance and style of living.  The children, with some help from Shmulik's grandmother ("the Bubbie") solve the problem.

I have also written many plays for my students and a one semester text book for high school students delineating the similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity and a Hebrew reading readiness curriculum, both of which I've used in my own teaching. 

In addition, I wrote a music curriculum meant to be used as the basis for teaching some Jewish holidays and biblical stories.  It includes eleven original songs, recorded for me by a friend, Judy Levenson, who can actually sing well enough that people would want to hear her, and a three part teachers' manual which I wrote, typed, ran off and bound myself.  This, too, I have used to teach with myself and sold several copies at an annual Jewish educators' conference.

For examples of my education related works, please see: Workshops in Jewish Education


I am currently exploring several different options for getting my work published, including searching for publishers myself and looking for an agent who would be willing to handle my work.  At this time I am not considering self-publishing as an option, (although self-publishers are certainly considering me!) but it's possible that might change, particularly since I've corresponded with a very successful author who mentioned that she started out in that manner.