Where Heaven Touches the Earth

Sanctuaries - A book of religious fantasy

Judy Git

 I was born and raised in Winnipeg and presently reside in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul where I teach in a Jewish supplementary school.  I have been a teacher for over 40 years and have been writing for as long as I have been able to put letters down on paper and combine them into words and sentences.  As a young child I relished creative writing classes, although I had a tendency to turn every topic my teachers would give me into an imaginative piece of fiction. 

At the age of age 13, I wrote my first poem, inspired by a mine disaster which had taken place in a town by the name of Springhill in the province of Nova Scotia.  That poem was printed in the Manitoba School Journal, which was very encouraging to me and led me to believe I was Wordsworth reincarnated.  I proceeded to contribute poetry to every single issue of our school newspaper, most of which was printed.  A lot of it was quite good, but, I'm embarrassed to say, a lot of it was pure junk. 

As an adult, after I became a teacher, I concentrated on writing plays for my students.  Many of the early ones that I wrote - pre-IBM/MAC computers - have been lost, but I have a healthy collection of plays stored in various computers.  They range in size from some I term "playlettes" - productions of maybe 5 -10 minutes, to plays running between 1/2 an hour and 45 minutes. 

I am also very musical; I started playing piano by ear at the age of 2.  It took some courage for me to attempt to write music, because the first time I did so (as a teenager),  I regurgitated a well-known melody without realizing it.  In other words, I did a bit of subliminal plagiarizing.  In 1992, however, I bit the bullet and decided to write some songs, the result being several songs, both personal and educational, including an original music curriculum, which also includes a book of lesson plans.  (See Home Page).

In addition to my teaching, I have worked in marketing research all told for about 12 years.  As Quality Assurance Manager at my last job, I wrote many guides for interviewers and supervisory staff including hard copy guides and three PowerPoint presentations for training interviewers and supervisors on how to capture and edit open ended responses.

I love to be creative and I love to write.  If you had asked me when I was a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said a writer.  I didn't have the courage to pursue this as a young person; I just focused my writing on my teaching.  I guess I'd still like to be a writer "when I grow up.”